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Mistress x Dieter Hanf

Updated: Nov 22, 2020

Fine Artist, Photographer, and Professor Dieter Hanf is joining the Mistress for a virtual mixer on November 14, 2020.

Madonnas come from the canon of Catholic Christian art and originally refer to images of Mary, the mother of Jesus Christ.

Through various interpretations of the original idea, interesting art-historical interpretations of the topic developed.

Particularly with the development of the cult of Mary in the Catholic Church, this genre became extremely important and impressively shaped the Christian image of women.

Modern Madonnas contrasts these ideas with modern women and set up another role model of a strong and self conscious woman.

As an international art project Stan Bert Singer, Austria and Dieter Hanf, Germany are going to develop "Modern Madonnas" as an art collaboration, aiming to present the results in art shows in Vienna, Prague Cologne area and other places to find now.

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