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Where Innovation Meets Opportunity: Matrix Mixers

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Mixer 3

Coming Soon!

“SMS: Boston, you and I have to break up, if you don’t change”

Required! 21+ event, will include a “donation/tribute” sliding-scale fee: $5-10


$5-10 fee will include a custom “Master” or “Mistress” mask for safe, covid-free engagement

Dieter Hanf x Mistress (Modern Madonna Series)

Discover a Love Letter from Germany's own Dieter Hanf. Working with the Mistress on changing me into a "Modern Madonna". Through this Digital Mixer Dieter and I discovered true friendship, collaboration and artistic integrity.

In order to create a safe space for me, and people like me that are people of color, neurodiverse, or simply… different. I created “The Mistress of the Matrix” and CultureEQ in order to establish a newfound love and foundation for the city of Boston and Greater New England as a whole.

Boston is considered notoriously racist, hyper-competitive, and culturally cold due to its very British influence and structure. I believe in turning negatives into positives, and challenges into opportunities.


Through “CultureEQ” and “The Mistress of the Matrix” I will create safe covid-proof pop-up “Matrix Mixers” or events, to celebrate and champion the diversity of the city. While bringing people together from all classes, races, and creeds to show the greatness of Boston & America as a whole. Utilizing opportunity zones and exposing the beautiful underbelly of Greater Boston as a whole.

“An Act of Kindness today equals 10 fold coming back to you tomorrow” - Utilize 5% of the proceeds to give back to the City of Boston’s Homeless population.


I also want to use this space as a safe haven for Digital Wellness, Mental Health and Diversity with a provocative and witty twist!

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